introducing new smart kitchen appliance

Automatic Meal Maker: Your Personal Robot Chef

Make your meal in
Simple Steps

Cost-effective and time-saving solution preparing mouth-watering meals automatically

App , Web & Voice Control

Smart touch

Latest IOT Technology

Share , Rent & Sell Recipe

comfortable in use

Keeping Cerivcal without Pain

Make your meal
in these 3 Simple Steps

Load the food

Load the food items into the 8 big containers and the spices into the 8 small containers at the top segment of the appliance.

Input your recipe

Manually input your recipe or just get one online from the free 500+ continental and intercontinental recipes by professional chefs from all over the world, all cuisines and accessed through any of these: the machine, website or app. What’s best? You can even sell your own recipe so you earn while learning!

Sit back, relax

Smart Automatic Meal Maker

Extremely easy to operate, your kids can fix lunch when they’re back from school using the steps. 500+ free recipes, 50+ Cuisines.

Product Instructions

5 inch Touch Screen
Ingredients Compartment
Cooking Pot
Mic & Speaker

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