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Automatic Meal Maker Machine model: G-Series

Introducing the Smart Automatic Meal Makers: G4 and G2 – Your Ultimate Kitchen Companions!

The G4, tailored for families of four, features temperature-controlled compartments to keep ingredients fresh, multiple control options including voice commands and a mobile app, and an integrated eRecipe store for diverse culinary inspiration. It boasts eight main ingredient compartments and seven spice compartments for versatile cooking, an intuitive 8-inch touch screen, and seamless connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Enhance your cooking experience with built-in speakers, a lid for locking in flavors, and a refrigeration system for ingredient freshness.

The G2, designed for couples and small households, offers similar high-tech features in a compact design. It includes temperature-controlled compartments, convenient control options, an eRecipe store, versatile ingredient compartments, voice control, and a touch screen interface. The G2 also ensures connectivity with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet, and comes with built-in speakers, a lid, and refrigeration to enhance your culinary adventures.

Both models provide effortless meal preparation and enjoyable dining experiences, making them essential kitchen companions.

Automatic Meal Maker Machine model: I-Series

Introducing the Smart Automatic Meal Makers: I4 and I2 – Perfectly Crafted for Indian Homes!

The I4 is designed for families of four, tailored to the rich culinary traditions of India. It features an extensive eRecipe store with eight main ingredient compartments and seven spice compartments, allowing you to create traditional Indian dishes or explore global flavors. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can seamlessly control the appliance from your device. The I4’s straightforward design focuses on essential features, making it ideal for daily meal preparations without the need for voice control, a touch screen, speakers, a lid, or refrigeration.

The I2 is crafted for couples and small families, offering efficient and convenient meal preparation. It includes a robust eRecipe store and Bluetooth connectivity for easy access to recipes and control functions. The I2’s compact design makes it perfect for modern kitchens, while its eight main ingredient compartments and seven spice compartments ensure versatile cooking. Despite lacking advanced features like a touch screen, speakers, a lid, or refrigeration, the I2 excels in simplicity and practicality, providing an energy-efficient solution for intimate dining experiences.

What we do

01. Simplifying Home Cooking

At VYKY, we're making home cooking effortless with our Smart Automatic Meal Maker Machine. Our goal is to revolutionize meal preparation by offering a smart, user-friendly solution that brings convenience to every kitchen.

02. Personalized Nutrition

We're dedicated to helping individuals make healthier choices without the hassle. Our machine provides customizable meal options tailored to personal tastes and dietary needs, ensuring delicious and nutritious meals every time.

03. Enjoyable Family Time

By combining innovation with simplicity, we aim to enhance family bonding over meals. Imagine spending less time cooking and more time enjoying quality moments together, all thanks to our Smart Automatic Meal Maker Machine.

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